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Ackroyd & Harvey’s work is multidisciplinary intersecting sculpture, photography, film and architecture with time-based interventions that often reflect environmental and scientific concerns. Investigating processes of growth and decay, urban political ecologies, anthropogenic climate change and socio-ecological constructs, their works have been exhibited in contemporary art galleries, museums, architectural sites of interest and public spaces worldwide.

Their pioneering work utilizing the pigment chlorophyll in making complex living photographs has received many awards, including the 2014 Royal Academy of Arts “Rose Award” and the Wu Guanzhong Prize for Innovation. Memory and the passage of time are actualized in their haunting biochemical images.

Alongside their photographic work, Ackroyd & Harvey have also been making architectural and spatial interventions growing iconic buildings and facades. The artists work challenges perceptions of place and presents a shifting canvas of life, moving from a state of life-enhancing germination towards inevitable change and demise. They most recently participated in the AROS Triennial 2017 in Denmark.

In 2016, they premiered a series of new artworks for the launch of the David Attenborough Building, working closely with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and the University Museum of Zoology, and in 2015, they completed History Trees a legacy commission for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, where ten trees holding 6m diameter engraved rings mark the main entrances to the park.

Ackroyd & Harvey give many keynote lectures and presentations internationally focusing on aesthetics and ethics with regard to art, culture and environmental concerns. The artists are based in the UK and Italy.

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