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The practice which I develop is mainly characterized by drawing, yet without limiting itself to this medium. I may say it is quite the contrary as my work can easily get away from paper to become an engraving, a cut out piece, an intervention on a wall or on a floor and sometimes even an object. Without a definite medium, I like exploring and confronting myself to new materials or techniques. When necessary I also to collaborate with craftsmen or other professionals to break open my research and experiments. Alike a land-surveyor, I gather information and documents that surround us and use them as resources for my work. Both scientific and technical encrypted data are transcribed, translated visually, thus removing them from their original use. By handling maps, flows and statistics, I suggest a formal and conceptual version of these objective data which our society has produced to give itself markers or benchmarks. Removed from their context, they are reduced to their pure abstract form becoming graphic and poetic signs open to interpretation and new forms of reading. My aim is to bring to light various forms of soft propaganda that surround us.The field of research that i explore in my practice is wide and can touch many domains such as sciences and its obsolescence, cartography and its topographical survey, urbanistic utopias and the revelation of architectural forms.

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