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CHAKIL SQUAD is a group domiciled in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The dance group is always innovating with the works of traditional, contemporary dance. The group was founded in 2007, where CS was formerly a small group who always actively compete in the modern dance competition. Among them are Let's Dance, Dare to Dance and some other big competitions. CS also often contributed in the invite event. Chakil Squad has a commitment to always be different so as to bring up a distinctive characteristic that memorable. One characteristic of CS is the chakil movement. Chakil himself is one of the wayang figures of Small Buto is very agile, lively and swift. According to CS, this icon is rarely used by people as a symbol of Dance Crew. In every CS work, there must always be elements of tradition and contemporary. CS agrees to develop and preserve the culture, nevertheless, CS remains open to modern art. So that all works of CS can be accepted by all society.

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