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Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky (born in Bern, based in Berlin and Amsterdam) practice is centered around her personal experience of nature, especially concerning the meeting point of nature and culture. The starting point comes both from her own finding within the realm of botany and from the complex natural systems described in scientific research. She zooms into ecosystems and examines details such as holes in leaves created by caterpillars, formal appearance of branches and the reproduction strategies of plants. Kovacovsky uses the medium of photography to explore these subjects, often employing techniques from the 19th century as well as related means of reproduction. She collects and utilizes plant specimens. Her works include unique artist books of photocopied plant specimens, analogue color prints of multiple exposed leafs, cyanotype curtains depicting parts of a mammoth tree and large plant leaves cast in plaster. Selected exhibitions include Kunsthall Stavanger, Norway; Galerie STAMPA, Basel; FOAM, Amsterdam; Kunstmuseum Thun; Aargauer Kunsthaus, Switzerland; Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam and upcoming Bäckerei, Berlin. Kovacovsky is co-organizing "The Reading Club‚ Between Man and Nature” with Sina Ribak at Zabriskie bookstore in Berlin.

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