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Kesara is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka but works internationally. His primary photographic practice began in London in the early 2000's, following a year of reading Architecture and three years of History of Art. His work is informed by a disparate variety of sources from time spent as a freelance photojournalist to being the official photographer for 2 years at the SHUNT arts collective & theater space. He has been a primary contributor to the weighty tome 'Cornerman - Lessons in Leadership' from the life of Mr. Dian Gomes, in addition to two other projects on the eclecticism and eccentricity of the nation he's returned to. His work has been featured in renown publications such as Harper's Bazaar & Architectural Review. He was recently commissioned for a shoot in Bangalore India , to photograph stunning weddings in Pune, India, Melbourne, Australia, Dubai / UAE and to be the Official Photographer of the Commonwealth Secretariat at CHOGM 2013. Much of Kesara's time is currently spent travelling around Sri Lanka photographing weddings, events and architecture for a range of wonderful clients. When able, Kesara also lectures in History of Architecture and Photography at the Northumbria University Academy of Design, Colombo.

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