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Mahesh Eranga Umagiliya webprofile

I, Mahesh Eranga Umagiliya, initiated my career as a professional dancer in 1996 . I had received traditional dance training for twelve years. As a result, I graduated as a traditional Kandyan dancer by passing the Initiation Ceremony in 2000.

Eight years later, I set up my own Dance Company “Meranga Fine Arts Ensemble” in Wattala. Since then, I have developed a number of dance performances. In 2012, I was chosen by the German mixed-abled Dance Company „DIN A 13“ as a dancer and choreographer. During this period, I got the opportunity to study contemporary dance, dance theatre and choreography in Germany.

Due to the influences of “DIN A 13”´s style, I established a mixed-abled dance company in October 2013. Building on the experiences, I formed part of the establishment of the German non-profit association VisAbility in November 2014. Since its set-up, I have been acting as a board member, as well as mixed-abled dance instructor and choreographer.

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