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Through research base and socially engaged art practices Poornima Jayasinghe boldly engages with the audience, which the viewer participates in some way by providing an input in order to determine the outcome. In much of her work she shifts the focus from the creator of the work of art, to what once had been the viewer. From this point of view, the work of art becomes a process rather than an object and art is no longer a noun, it becomes a verb. Within her art practice Poornima grasp art as a concept: it does not exist as a precisely definable physical type of object or a thing it is against the physical side of painting or sculpture, which blur the boundaries between art and everyday life. She is a co-founder and a director of the Collective of Contemporary Artists (CoCA), the first pioneering art organization in Sri Lanka bringing forth Art forms, such as public-space, socially-engaged and sustainable art forms and practices. Poornima is currently working as Head of Art at the British School in Colombo, teaching art for 14 years. She has received local and international awards for her Art. She has shown her work as a part of the CoCA Artists group at the CAB 2012, 2014, 2016, Goethe-Institut, ‘Beyond Perception’ at Park Street Mews, French spring Festival, Pettah Expose at the CMC Building Pettah, CAB 2014 , Saskia Fernando Gallery, Graphic Art Festival in France and various other local and international exhibitions.

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