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Shehan is an artist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka who expresses himself in a variety of mediums such as photography, videography, animation, digital and hand drawn art. While boasting a keen interest for art from his early school years and before, he primarily sharpened his skills in multitudes of mediums during graduate studies, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Animation at Limkokwing University of Design and Technology in Malaysia. Though his field of study mostly encompassed computer generated imagery (CGI), during this time a fascination of photography as a creative tool took root in him and a passion for it soon ignited. For the past four years, Shehan has dedicated his time to traveling around Sri Lanka, to find places and creatures of natural beauty, with just his camera for company. A few select photographs have been exhibited with the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka, 2016 and his work is also shortlisted for the Cinnamon - Sri Lanka Photo Contest, 2017. This will be the first time his work will be on display in large scale. "

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