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The Department of Integrated Design of Faculty of Architecture, University of Moratuwa can be identified as the pioneer institute of design higher education in the country. The Department had been involved in developing the field of design for over a decade as a four-year full time Honours Degree; The Bachelor of Design. It had lead students through an innovative design education process and supports the problem solving practice in design application. The Degree programme respond to the demand of diversification in higher education and provides an immense contribution to the National Development through academia.

The mingling of creativity and functionality of the Degree course, attempts to create designers with an individual identity, which enrich the Sri Lankan design context. Specializing in different streams of design, the course provides a great opportunity for the youth of the country to enter the global creative industry with knowledge in design and socio cultural consideration. Media and Communication Design, Fashion and Lifestyle Design and Product Design are the prevailing fields of specialization in the course.

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