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Yasir Husain's artwork brings knowledge about environment to the public, through new media technologies, culture, urban farming and education.

In an enduring environmental theme, his artworks engage media and new technologies. He is a participant in Karachi Biennale sessions, Colomboscope (Sri Lanka), Karachi Art Summit (Pakistan), Numaish-Karachi (Pakistan), Dreamscape (Pakistan), International Symposium in Electronic Arts (UAE), Kathmandu International Arts Festival (Nepal), Tashkent-Biennale (Uzbekistan), ArsElectronica (Austria) and Transmediale (Germany).

An urban farmer and activist, Yasir formed Mauj Collective, and researched New Media in Pakistan for Asia-Europe Foundation (2010). He researched Teaching Environmental Art in low-income schools (2014), while teaching creative sustainability in art and industrial design in universities, and DIY-tech in low-income schools, as art projects.

With partner Zahra Husain, he runs Organic City to promote green living through: the Green Schools Pakistan (greenschools.pk), Crops-in-Pots (cropsinpots.pk), Horticulture Therapy (mental-rehab through gardening), an EcoStore (organicity.pk), and ArtLab (artlab.pk).

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