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Zahra is a writer, urban farmer and sustainability educator. She is a Sustainability Fellow, Water Sustainability and K-12 Sustainability Education Strategies Specialist, from the Greener Education Foundation (USA).

She is a founder of Crops in Pots, Green Schools Pakistan and Organic City Pakistan. Crops in Pots connect and share local knowledge of heirloom seeds and farming with urban growers. Organic City is an organization that promotes green living through sustainable living, culture, media and arts. Green Schools Pakistan, on the other hand, encourages every school to have a ‘Learning Garden’ that connects children with food and inspire them to know their impact on this planet as a global citizen.

Zahra also writes for newspapers, including Dawn, express tribune, Newsline besides others, on environmental issues and DIY gardening. She blogs on She worked as horticulture therapist for The Recovery House.

Zahra is also Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassador for Karachi.

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